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New floor mats and door opening seal


Lenas Anglia ready for some gardening work


 Lenas "flakamoppe"


Thulin meet in Landskrona 2007


Team Kamaete loading the Toyota Corolla

 before 5-papp test in Ljungbyhed.

("Kamaete" is japanese and means "Ready for fight")


...and then I´m going to do like this.

Team: Agne, Jan, Jocke, Svalle, Steve


Shaggy mirror


Opel Omega (Bajsraketen) Löörs and Daniel.


Renault-5, steering problem


Our sponsor and mr Everything Tord Nilsson.


I like old cars. This is Lenas Ford Anglia-61 "Sne-Ruta"

 Harry Potter copy !


 This is my old VOLVO PV 1954. (SOLD) :-((


Three nice things ?


Looking for 45-rpm

Lena and the Ford-64


Kajsa, Lena and the Cortina


Crusing in LA Sweden


Citadellet -relaxing-2006


New years eve 2006-2007


I used to race in a Volvo 142, set up by both Dave Walker and my brother Svalle at TS Motorsport.

It was a good test rig for different ideas.


Glumslövs hills


Ready for race


Vallåkra Volvo - Nitrous and Turbo.

(Aldrig publicerad i Bilsport !)

Some technical facts Volvo 142-68

Kortad 10cm, taksänkt 14cm, Flippfront, Kuggstång och Bakaxel med spole från 240

motor B-23 tillbakaflyttad 15cm, Växellåda med 3-spakar.


My Scania-1958 Racebus  (Project)


I also drive circular track with a Toyota Corolla GTI



My (new) objekt  Ferguson-FE-35 4 Cyl Diesel -1958


A very nice Massey Ferguson T-35

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