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Taxi to Bombay ?


Lalitt, Sachin Khairnar, Deepak Patil, Yogesh Gurule, Mr Halgi Prasanna and Mikael Andersson

On a mountain trip


Mountain people


Mother nature


Deepak (six pack) and Yogesh


Anjaneri mountains, A part of Bramhagiri mountains



Flower garden


Holy cow (No Bullshit)


Some friends in India


Transport to Haldex India


Halgi Prasanna visit the Blacksmith in Nasik


Seen from car window




Welcome to incredible India


Copyright by Stefan Svensson at Haldex


Claes Laudon and his friends







From Lapa "Centro" you could go with the "Bodinho" over the old (1750) aqueduct to Santa Teresa

This aqueduct with 42 arches covering 270 meters at an altitude of 17,60 meters carries water from the

 Carioca river to the fountains at Largo da Carioca.


Celso Silva, Marcelo the pizza man & Mikael at Barra beach drinking "coco"


Gunilla, Tim, Steve and Mikael in the beginning of the jungle.


Tijuca rain forest is the world's largest urban forest


Tony "Tarzan-boy" Borg


Amazing curves



Sugarloaf  at 396 m above sea level. A marvelous view of Rio de Janeiro.


Corcovado mountain bears at 704 m above sea level the town symbol of Rio

Christ the Redeemer

Plataforma Great Show in Rio.





Great garden in Suzhou


Mikael, Zeb and Roger on the move.


Mikael Andersson on a nice

boat trip.


The gang !


Garden View Hotel.


  The old Ruiguang Pagoda in Suzhou

 From Song Dynasty built 247 AD 2008 = 2551 in Buddhistic time


Tang Junmin and Li Zhiyong our Chinese friends in a Japanese restaurant


Pearl Tower in Shang Hai









United Nations, Swed-Eng-Coy 1993




Sherman Tank M4A3 1942 ?

Mine Clearense


Pics from Camp Nordic Star in Jwayya


Overloaded Volvo









Nordbat 2

BA 04