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Old slotcar pic's and others


Klart frän Dragracingfilm

videoklipp 2


65 Indy500 Jim Clark


69- Daytona 500 Rickard Petty


Dragracing on airbase


Stock car - Early nascar !


Nice view on Rickard Petty and others


I need this trailer


crazy guys testing a jet car


This is amerika !





Nice parking ?


NASCAR Rusty Wallace


Nice wheel stander !


Slotcar fanatic ? Bill Gates   


Ronnie Peterson The Superswede



Niki Lauda


Used motors


Early slotcar


64-Ford Dirt Racer


Nice Auto-union


Sooo Coool





Nice outfit


Preparing table


What a gang !


Sir Stirling Moss


Stirling Moss gives instructions

Such a guy !



Pin up girls

Before there was Playboy, Penthouse and Pantyhose,  there were Pin-ups.