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Sofiero Classic 2009




Digital track



The car event and Denmark in the horizon


Sooo fun


The girls


Cortina and coffee


Great light




Löörs Track

The new track 2010






Death Valley Raceway

(old and gone)

White Russian helps ?

Peter and Pekka

The dudes in the bar

The track

The bar

Mr Jägermeister himself !



Tomas The Indians Track

Hagadalington Raceway

Mr Over The Hill


Worlds smallest wooden slot car track ?

Built by Patrik Sandberg


To much Jäger Pontus ?


Ride on ride on !





Cool cars

Grand opening







Pontus & Patric's Track

Meadow Creek Raceway


New race and new wider border barriers


More laughs and more Beer


 Starting grid




Pontus make some adjustment


Lalas Track


Halloween Race

At Pekka's place, 65 meter track.

A big thanks to Pekka !

Some cables


 This car is soooo awesome


Mr Timekeeper


Things  needed for racing !


Almost the whole track

Different driving technics


Grinding tires


Linus supervising


Starting line


Tomas the Indian's table


We needed go to the race with style





Hjärup SRC














Race in Hjarup


before start