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5,35 208,98kmh 129Mph

Brumm Brumm...


Jonas helps with the chute


The Indian look after Jocke Ljungberg in Peters Pontiac


Conny, Leif and Janne helps.


The winner in Pro Street, Enoch in his Cool Anglia in semi final.


Really nice dragracing movie on Youtube

Arvidsson superwise his son on the dragstrip at the tent.


High and low.


Peter Lund and Vallåkra Motorsport.


Line up.


Jonas and Gerts Volvo 142 is back in business


My brother Svalle at TS-motorsport helps





NOS Big Shot Nitrous

More nitrous :-)


More power in the Transit :-)

TS Motorsport


"The Michelin Man"

New tires and driving suite.