Chevy -51
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Sideways we go


Some more preparation before paint.


More welding.



More new parts.



Dual Weber carburator and new cool air filter


"Rubby Red" spark plug wire in the sun.


"6 in a row is the only way to go"

New waterpump and fuel pump.


New parts from USA, Carpet, Intake, Fanblade, Transmission adapter and more fun stuff.


Time for sandblastering


New paint and polished stainless trim


"In rust we trust"






Lars and Agne helps with the rocker panel


The door started to be finished from Berga Bilrikt.


New bottom


More chromated parts


More new parts, headliner, Carburetor, Setting channels, etc.


New parts from Power Swapmeet in Lidköping


Cleaned stainless molding need some polish


New Door handles and keys


Get some help with the vent window


Prepare for assembly


Highest Chevy ever ?


Lena gives a helping hand


Floor done :-)


Big puzzle


Started to work on the floor.



New parts.


New cromed in U.S "thanks Zeb"


Some paint on fenders and trunk


More new parts





Shaved hood


Sandblastered and pre assembled


Vent window need some TLC


New window locks from VW


Rust in trunk




New heater motor and cell


Bended stearing arm


Fishing time ?


More chromated parts


More lowering blocks 3"


A grill from 1950 almost fits


  Towing hook from Volvo 740


Homemade lowering block  / U-bults and air ride bags


New harder motor mount


New cromed parts


hard metal puzzle


A package of new windows


new king pins and dropped uprights assembled


New cooler and alternator


New and old gas tank



My dream engine at Petersen museum in California


More parts


New stuff


Dry driving with the new wheels

Yeah Man! The 50's
Those were the days !



Some chromated parts


It´s alive (look at the video)


Time to start the engine


The 235 (3,9L) from 1962-Back in business

FOII2J  Casting nr 3769716


Time to put the golden bullet back in place


Engine parts


Frame and gearbox


New brakes


Powder coated and bolted frame


Jan blowing the frame !

Mouse home in frame !


Started to assembly


 More chromated parts


Old and new stuff


New stuff


Powder coated parts...


...more powder coated parts


Gearbox work


Jan helps


Body lift


Engine lift


Bee and mouse home in the waterpump hole


Spiders home, in the brake drums


Nice seat ?


Mike and Debbies old Chicken house

A big thanks to Mike and Debbie in Odessa MO.


Bee and mouse home in the seat


Ventilation in the floor (termits ?:-)


Some treasure from the car


Fine patina ! Need some TLC




Rust in wheel area


After 4 year in Sweden it was time for work on my Chevy


The Chevy-51 Styline  Deluxe Sport Coupe  at Haldex plant Missouri USA

Sold new for 1647,00 with a production run of 64,976 cars.




# Köpes #

Chevy 51 delar av intresse, speciellt

 Grill i hyfsat skick, Stötfångare med bra krom,

Fjädrar till ruthissarna, Säten.

Höger klädselhörna för framsätes underede.

Rostfri list till V-skärm (DE LUX), Listhållare till midjelister

 Rostfri midjelist höger bak och vänster under framrutan.

Rostfri list under bakrutan, Ståltrådar/Hållare för innertaket

Svängningsdämpare 1953-54 med 3/8 remspår.

Kilometerskala till hastighetsmätaren, Elektrisk klocka, Solskydd.

2st täckplåtar till dörrarna bakom dörrklädseln.

Dörr vänster oavsett skick eller storlek.




# Några av delarna som jag vill köpa, se bilderna #


Säljes !

Bagagelucka till Styleline (rostfri) 1200:-


2st nya grön tonade bakre sidorutor 1000:- (Styleline sedan 2-door)


Till Chevrolet-1949-50 # Bakaxel, nya bromscylindrar och backar. 1100:-

Ny sidokåpa till 235 motor kromad 300:-


49-54 Ventilationsrutelist 2 st nya passar "2 door hardtop och convertible" 700:-