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   Pics from our village and home 


Our home from -1864,  painting from -1938

Gift from Hans-Åke Appelqvist.


The forest "Borgen" in Wallåkra and some train track.

Visited by Carl von Linné -1749


Down town Vallåkra -1920


 Hills, windmill and bridge from -1890





Vallåkra mejeri (Dairy)


1940 ?


Råå-River flows through Wallåkra


Steamtrain at Vallåkra station around-1920



"Norra Wallåkra Stubbamölla" windmill build-1824 at Wiarp

 and later moved to Wallåkra around -1860

Pics around-1935


Around-1960 Arvid Svensson


Sonja Andersson and a curious soldier Around-1941-43


Around-1960 Arvid Svensson


Kvistofta (Vallåkra) windmill build -1858, burned down -1969

Pics from -1966


Our own landing-track

Don´t forget to have Gevalia Coffee at home.


Vallåkra pottery from -1864



Pics from our sorrounding areas




Råå Havsbad


Landskrona-Norra Långgatan -1906


Ljungbyhed Spångens Gästgivaregård -1936 ?