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Name:          Stefan "Steve" Ottosson

Born:            1966

Do for living:  Working as Global Production Engineer at Haldex Brake Products  

Fun to know:  Drive slotcars, Collector

In the team:  Owner, Driver, Mechanic


Name:          Sverker "Svalle" Ottosson

Born:            1964

Do for living:  Tuning cars at TS motorsport in Åstorp  

Fun to know:  Steves brother, Drives circular track, Chase women

In the team:  Mechanic, Electrician, Technician


Name:          Tord "Todde" Nilsson   

Born:            1966

Do for living:  Forklift mechanic at Linde in the Skåne area 

Fun to know:  Drives Rush super-7 replica and Hot-Rod

In the team:  Mechanic, Entertainer, Shit-talker


Name:          Per Holmqvist   

Born:            1961

Do for living:  Global Senior Specialist - Operations Manager at Haldex Brake Products   

Fun to know:  Hunts for both women and deers

In the team:  Engineering, Mechanic, Barbeque-expert, Beer-drinker


Name:          Lena Nydahl   

Born:            1968

Do for living:  Technical Design assistant at Haldex Brake Products 

Fun to know:  Steves girlfriend, Sudoku expert

In the team:  Coordinator, Mechanic, Chef and housekeeping



Name:          Lars Andersson   

Born:            1964

Do for living:  Painter at Haldex Brake Products 

Fun to know:  Drives BMW and Yamaha 600-motorcykle

In the team:   Mechanic and magic man with playing cards




Without the help of the following people this project would not be possible. It might just  been some
boxes of parts, or just a "thing" for a museum in the future ! I would like to Thank the
following people.

A big thanks to the boys

Jocke Ljungberg at Vallåkra motorsport

Jonas Hjalmarsson

Sune Johansson

Jan Påhlsson

Stefan Jansson at Berga Bilrikt in Helsingborg

Mark at, Hot Rod Performance in Torrance, CA


Thanks Guys