Technical facts
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           THE  CAR          

Lotus Elan extended fibre glass replica


Chassi:                        Homemade

Front suspension:      Mc Pherson Aluminium

Steering:                     Rack, unknown brand   (trash can treasure)

Rear End:                  Chrysler 8 3/4" , gear Richmond 4.10 or 4.88,                               

                                    Mark Williams - Drive axles, Spool, Main caps

                                    Wishbone,  Shock absorber-Aldan double adjustable

Brakes:                       Yes ! Front Volvo 164, Back Kawasaki 600 GPX

Wheels:                       Centerline Convo Pro

Tires:                          Front 23.0x5.0, Back M/T 29,5x10,5

Weight:                       Raceready with driver 1000kg  2200 pounds

Misc:                           Lots of parts from   "Figge Färum"



Race ready 2005 !

Chevy 6,3 / 383 cu"

Best ET on 201meter is 5,35 208,98kmh 129Mph

Engine Block           V-8 Smallblock, 4-bolt Steel maincap

Cylinder Heads         Brodix 11   79cc

Crankshaft                Forged steel  (3,75" stroke)

Rods                          Forged steel 6" H-beam style

Pistons                      Forged 4,030" JE  13,8:1

Intake                        Brodix, 

Carburator                Holley dp 650 cfm 

Cam shaft                  Solid lift  Roller Cam  ( Comp Cams 12-705)

Ignition                      Mallory supermag III

Nitrousoxide              2X Nos 

Misc                           Elektrical waterpump, From TS-Motorsport,  ARP-Bolts, Support girdle



 TH-350, strengthened / upgraded


Converter:               10'' TCI-241002

Gears:                     3-speed with transbrake

Bellhousing:            J.W Ultra-Bell much stronger.



 5 point 3'' belt


Fireproof clothes, helmet

Transmission blanket

Drag chutes

Drive shaft rings

J.W Ultra-Bellhousing




 Chevy 5.0 / 305 cu"

Best ET on 201meter is 6,54 - 170 km/h

My best ET on 402 meter is 10.28 - 205 Km/h / 127 mph, with this engine.

Heads:                     350 - From 69-70

Intake:                     Torker

Carburator:              Holley dp 650 cfm

Cam shaft:               Comp-cams / Hydraulic

Ignition:                   Mallory supermag III

Nitrousoxide:            Nos  (not enough)